On a mission to bring transaction security to all crypto activities

KYCT is a part of UBIRCH

KYCT solution

KYCT is an identity solution for Web3. It can be used to identify and prove the ownership of crypto wallet holders and the origin of assets minted using specific wallets. The solution will solve the key problems in industry as proof of assets creators’ identity, and assets’ origin, by establishing connection between an author’s legal civic ID and a Web3 ID. Our solution is EVM-based, multi-chain and compatible with all industry-leading digital ID’s. We provide our services by API directly to clients.

Our mission is to bring an additional identity layer to digital assets and make them more tangible for civic users, transactions and additional creations.

Our goal is to develop an industry leading way to proof civic identity for corporate clients, users and devices.

KYCT is a sub-brand of UBIRCH. Our global cyber security solution which has been successfully implemented and continues to support various strategic industries of German and EU markets such as Energy, Healthcare, Insurance and Industrial IoT since 2014.

By integrating KYCT to your product portfolio you select a trusted solution with a strong background in cyber security. UBIRCH combines the best out of two worlds - classic cryptography and blockchain technology.

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