Real-World Identity,

What is KYCT?

KYCT is a token complaint to the ERC721 standard for KYC processes.
KYCT proves the connection between a legal identity and a Web3 wallet.

How can I integrate KYCT in my Web3 application?

We provide a guided process for your users to get their KYCT.
All you need to do is to use our API to redirect users to the KYCT creation site.

We will check the legal identity of the user using industry-leading passport or identity card online verification methods and cryptographically connect the verification to the users wallet.

The user will receive a KYCT in their wallet which you can use to
verify the identity proof for further processes.

Why do I need KYCT?

Web3 offers one thing better than any technology ever before:
privacy by design.

While this is great in many use cases, it prohibits Web3 integration
in mainstream applications and opens doors for fraudulent actors.

KYCT enables companies to build real-world products based on
web3 technologies, like signing documents, proving NFT artist ownership
or access control.

Ready to go.


Wallet and identity can be linked right from the users web browser

Privacy First

Users keep control over what parts of their identity they want to share

EVM-Based Multichain

Identity on multiple chains and layers

User Friendly

Simple 4-step onboarding

Cost Efficient

One KYCT, access to everything
web3 has to offer

Easy to Integrate

Plug and play API

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